2023 Hero World Challenge purse: Payout info, winner’s share 

There’s game speed, Tiger Woods says. 

And there’s home speed. 

At various points in his latest comeback, Woods talked of the two — and their obvious difference. You can’t easily duplicate the scene at events like this week’s Hero World Challenge — with the TV cameras and fans and setups. But you can try. And he did. 

All the way down to the money. 

“Game speed’s different than home speed,” Woods said Friday. “You can simulate all you want at home, and I had it the best I possibly can. We played a lot of money matches at home and tried to simulate it, but it’s just different. The mind’s racing more, the anxiety, the emotions are just different than at home. You can always drop a ball at home, no big deal. Here it’s going to cost you. Putting pen and paper together, it’s just a little bit different. 

It’s here where we’ll note one other thing Woods will accomplish this week, in his first event since April and the Masters:

He’s going to get a golf paycheck. 

With that, here are the money payouts for the Hero World Challenge. The total purse is $4.5 million. 

Hero World Challenge payout info, winner’s share 

1. $1 million

2. $450,000

3. $300,000

4. $225,000

5. $200,000

6. $190,000

7. $185,000

8. $180,000

9. $175,000

10. $170,000

11. $165,000

12. $160,000

13. $155,000

14. $150,000

15. $145,000

16. $140,000

17. $135,000

18. $130,000

19. $125,000

20. $120,000